We had the third inspection of the new Men’s Shed nest box this morning. A pair of Pale-headed Rosellas gave the box a good looking over – climbing on top, looking inside and checking the corner joins for quality.

This box is made for Pale-headed Roselas based on design specifications from Hollowlog Homes: size/depth of box, size of entry hole, perch and internal ladder. However when first installed we had the box facing west. We have now moved it round to the southern aspect: recommended, and the box is now close to branches which the Pale-headed obviously like, as they used that to get close before landing on the box.

We are hoping that this couple move in soon. However, from talking to others I understand that these beautiful birds are very picky about their accomodation. A friend on acerage in Flagstone told me that it was two years before a pair of Pale-headed Roselas occupied his nest box but they have been back every year since. We will have to be patient.

We have four Pale-headed Rosellas Platycercus eximius visiting  our forest this winter. My wife calls these pretty gentle shy birds Blue-boys, a good name.

Our Blue-boys visit the bird bath along with a host of others however they are so timid I have not yet been able to get some video.

We do not feed birds. We just provide water in several bird baths. In our dry winter weather is very popular with a wide range of birds from meat eaters like Kookaburras and Butcher Birds to seed eaters like the Blue-boys, Rainbow Lorikeets and Scaly-breasted Lorikeets.

We are also working with BCC Habitat Brisbane to research and install nest-boxes to support our bird population.