“What are the Noisy Miners making a fuss about?” asked my wife.

We were having coffee this morning when the Noisy Miners Manorina melanophrys really started living up to their name.

Searching around we spotted a pair of Pacific Baza’s  Aviceda subcristata high in a Tallowwood  Eucalyptus microcorys and surrounded by Minors.

The Bazas are a medium sized hawk and while they typically feed on large insects: stick insects and mantids, and frogs, they are a large predator as far as the Miners are concerned.

Their distinctive hooked beak is typical of predators like hawks and eagles.

The Miners, another name is Happy Family, are very protective, ganging-up and becoming very aggressive  in chasing away even much bigger birds. I managed to get a photo of a Miner which must have been almost touching as it flew past harassing one of the Bazas.

These are a spectacular bird and we feel very lucky to have them in the forest. Hopefully this is a breeding pair.

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