I always find something interesting at
Wednesday Bushcare and today was no exception.

Looking up from pulling weeds I came face to face with this Bearded Dragon pretending to be part of an old tree. It kept a wary eye on me while I took a photo then ducked away as soon as I turned my back.

Then we had a visit from these two Small Green-banded Blue butterflies: Psychonotis caelius.

The Red Ash or Soap Tree Alphitonia excelsa is the caterpillar food plant for the Small Green-banded Blues.

On the same Red Ash I found this Painted Acacia Moth caterpillar: Orgyia australis. Definately one of the prettier moth caterpillars and also know as a “tussock” moth for obvious reasons.

A very special afternoon … consider joining us for an afternoon with the bush critters.