I love living in place where nature is always part of my life. My family refers to all the butterflies, moths, spiders, etc as my pets: “One of your pets is in the bathroom. Come and remove it please.”

So no one was suprised when called them to come and see my latest pets.

I was building my new front steps when I found this Goliath Stick Insect Eurycnema goliath. An amazing beautifully coloured feat of engineering perfectly designed for climbing. See the video: Goliath Stick Insect

The family were facinated by my pet as was the young naturalist next door who helped me find a new home on the Melaleuca wilsonii where it immediately started chomping.

What I didn’t intially notice, when I saved the Stick Insect from the BCC Green Bin, was the Garden Mantis that climbed onto my arm.

What a wonderful place to live … I have encountered more different wildlife in the past five years than in the years of walking in national parks, and this unique place is only 10 minutes from Brisbane CBD.




Just be careful not to get between this monster and his lunch!!